Saturday Morning Cartoons: Special “Obamacare” Edition

Well, we all knew going into this week that there was going to be a massive public outcry after the SCoTUS heard the case on “Obamacare.” What most of us, pessimists that we are, did not realize is that the sound and fury would be coming from the other side. Chief Justice Roberts actually behaved like a Chief Justice and not a partisan tool (hey Kennedy, maybe you’re not the lone “swing vote” anymore) and helped shape a decision that both upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and protect it from further challenges in the court. So, of course, the blogosphere when ape.

Reviewing My Past Posts On Obamacare (Half Sigma)

This actually is not a horrible post, but it is about the ruling so I put it in here (first because I want to save the “best” for last.) It does kind of help underscore what is so sad about HS: he’s actually a pretty bright guy who holds some pretty dumb positions because they make him feel better about himself (hey, I could say that about some insincere “latte liberals” too.) If I have any bone to pick, and it’s a small one because I don’t always bother linking to my sources, it’s that he claims there is evidence that Roberts changed his mind at the last evidence. Can we at least get a link to a discussion about that?

The Headquarters of Conservative Cheerleading for the Obamacare Decision (View From the Right)

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! It’s just Larry, move along.

Seriously, there is calling out your political allies for turning their backs on you, and then there is completely freaking out because they try to find a silver lining in a loss. Guess which one Mr. Auster does here?

Valerie Jarrett and Obamacare: What Universal Health Care Means in BRA (Stuff Black People Don’t Like)

“BRA” for those of you who have not read through SBPDL’s blog too much means Black Run America. Yes, he believes black people control America. I could say some colorful things about why he might hold such a bizarre, empirically nonsensical view, but I want on outside chance of this showing up on Freshly Pressed, so I’ll keep it clean.

Apparently Ms. Jarrett did some cheer leading of her own in support of her boss (that would be the PotUS) in front of the National Association of Black Journalists. Our intrepid blogger gives a quick account of attendees’ upset at the affair. He makes it real quick and perfunctory though. One would not want to give credit to members of a black organization for their journalistic integrity. Also, it is apparently lost on him that, as annoying as it is, this is something most aides, advisers, and other folks working closely with a President do mid-election season.

What really makes this a fun post (and by fun I mean gut-wrenching) is his upset that Obamacare will “disproportionately”  help black people. Yes, my friend, laws made to address an inequality do tend to help those that have suffered at the hands of that inequality. Also, that is air you are breathing.

Finally, you just have to love how he goes on a little tangent citing Larry Auster (hey Larry, you made it in here twice) about a group of civil rights protesters organizing against the moon landing. Yes that well revered event is a significant, perhaps the most significant event in human history. It does not mean these people were entirely wrong in their assessment. Besides, the citation is just random and weird. Thank you SBPDL, you win the fool of the week award.

That’s all for this week folks. To my knowledge we don’t have anything as momentous as the Obamacare decision in the making this coming week, but it is an election season, so who knows? See ya in the funny papers!


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