Friday Morning Phone Call: Oh, It Does Get Better

I cannot complain too much about life. I am surrounded by people who love me, accept me and value my opinions and contributions. That said, life has thrown more than a few curves. Just being a trans woman is challenging enough. We grew up relatively (by Western standards) poor. I had young parents, and though they did a better job than most “mature” parents, it did come with a few hurdles to get over, especially between my mom and I. Also, I have had some lousy luck on the job front and have generally reacted poorly to that bad luck.  I know I could have had it far worse, but that doesn’t mean I have to like how things have turned out so far, so long as I don’t let it bog me down or let me be angry with everyone else.

So it is nice that things are finally turning around for the better for me. I had an excellent interview with NYPIRG yesterday that left me believing that by the end of today I will have a great job doing something that has a positive impact and that I am very passionate about. Even if I don’t hear from them, I have some great leads on other jobs, and my writing is finally getting some attention. Life does get better.

I know I have let things get to me more than they should, but there is no point regretting that now. Now I am simply going to enjoy that things are turning around, and those things that have always been there to be appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Friday Morning Phone Call: Oh, It Does Get Better

  1. First, I really hope you get this job! Secondly, thank you for such a lovely post around disclosing being a transgender woman. I know you will inspire other transgender people to be more visible. Just knowing you, Christine, will prove how much we need to love and support our transgender brothers and sisters!

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