Saturday Morning Cartoons: 6/23/2012

Hello Hand of Ananke readers! Ready to get your hate-read on? I know I am. I have to tell you, laughing at these goofballs is way better than therapy and boy do I have some great material for you this week, starting with…

Armed Forces Service Chairman Will Not Try To Roll Back Homosexualization Of The Military (View from the Right)

Oh Mr. Auster, you never fail to entertain. I have said before that Larry’s failure to recognize that his own team is abandoning him as a hint, but in the interest of self-examination and honesty, I have to roll that back. After all, to his point of view, his team is no longer playing for him, much as I don’t think the Democratic party plays for progressives anymore, at least not on economic issues.

I also love his new word: homosexualization. It sums it all up nicely doesn’t it? “Oh no! They want to turn the Army gay! Next their going to try to turn me gay!” Yeah don’t be to obvious in the (potentially self loathing?) homophobia there buddy.

Every Man Needs a Harem of Women (Heartiste)

Speaking of people hell-bent on being labeled closet cases, doesn’t this title just say it all? You have to admire the unrestrained chutzpah it takes to plagiarise another writer whilst doing a parody of their work. I mean who would have ever thought to do that? Why all you have to do is take all the gender references and turn them around. And why not use a blatantly offensive term like “harem” when the “passel,” “pack,” or even the original “gaggle” will do. Hey I know, next time, why don’t you use “stable,” because that, I think, underscores your view of women neatly.

The “Pychological Torture” of Emmett Till: What the Life and Death of Kyser Miree Tells Us (Stuff Black People Don’t Like)

It just isn’t a good hate-read session without at least one post that makes you want to through someone through the window. To that end, I give you SPBDL. Most of the time this guy is a sad, amusing, obvious former pine-rider bitter at all those black athletes that stole his starring role on the football team.

This week though he gives us this gem of offensive tunnel vision. Because in the angry white male world, black crime somehow goes unpunished even as they post links showing someone getting life without the possibility of parole.

Let me make it clear. Kyser Miree deserves justice and justice was served. I feel nothing but great sorrow for his parents. His case and Emmett Till’s are not even remotely the same. Kyser was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was an unfortunate victim of criminals bent on thievery. Emmett was targeted, for the color of his skin. The prosecutors in making their case against Emmett’s murderers conceded that the fourteen year old boy did was wrong. What he did was smile at a white woman. The real piece de resistance though is the outcome. Emmett’s killers were acquitted. So please do not even try to compare the two.

Well, that’s all this Saturday Morning. Hope you channel all the rage I have bequeathed upon you in a positive fashion.



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