Friday Nite Poetry: 6/22/2012

Hello folks, and welcome to another Friday Nite Poetry. A lot of sorting through my pain this week folks. I’ve written two new pieces today and while they aren’t exclusive for my followers here, I wrote them with you all in mind.

A special thank you is in order for Tom Holmes this week for helping me revise Broken Clocks and Faded Albums. Tom, as you may remember from last week’s post is a fellow poet headed out of town to pursue his PhD. I forgot to also mention that he has his own blog, The Line Break, and edits an excellent poetry journal: Redactions. I highly recommend checking them out.

School Fifty Playground

Head bowed low
never meet their eyes
scared to notice the disdain
I just know is screaming behind them

Chain link fence
bites into my back
but otherwise the corner
is a comfortable hiding place

I don’t want
them to notice me
to spot my hidden shame
the monster lurking beneath the child

Let them laugh
Let them skip and play
Let them set me apart
Let me find some small semblance of peace

Venus’s Puzzlebox

The heart is a traitorous compass
leading you where you want
but not need
to travel

The heart is an odious engine
lending just enough courage
to tug you
but not move

The heart is a confusing blessing
forcing you to sink in muddy despair
and soar high
through your mind

Broken Clocks and Faded Albums

What events are
left to be counted
to mark my passing
to measure the length
of my days

Will you remember them
the fits of laughter
the crying jags
the wild road trips
that make a life

Or will I be just an idea
my removal
a marker in your life
something to check off
as finished

Let me be more than that
and keep in mind
each moment
each fight hug and cup of joe
that we shared

Let me be so much more
than an empty seat
at Thanksgiving
or unopened gift
at Christmas

Let me be what I want
for as long as I want
for as long as I can
until I have no option

There you go folks. See you next week, if not sooner.

Pax et Amor;


3 thoughts on “Friday Nite Poetry: 6/22/2012

  1. Christine,
    Have you any idea how much I look forward to your Friday night of poetry? You are really quite brilliant. I’m always envious of poets I admire, for I can’t seem to capture and arrange words with the same type of magic.

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