Occupy This! What Comes Next?

To paraphrase that overused line from Mr. Twain, reports of Occupy’s death have been greatly exaggerated. That said, things have been relatively quiet. Oh, there are protests planned for the conventions this summer, and I am glad of it, but what exactly is being done to really bring about change. Honestly, I am not asking because I think nothing is being done, I would like to hear from some Occupiers.

I was only down at OWS for a week in the middle of October last year. I was poorly prepared, knew no one so I was essentially on my own and a bit overwhelmed. One thing I loved about it was the working together to do all the little things in survival: feeding each other, cleaning up after each other (I helped a little with sanitation), educating each other (and a little with The People’s Library), keeping each other healthy and keeping each other safe. It was a tiny community in the middle of a larger one.  A community that had it planned ahead specifically for that might have lasted.

Maybe that is what we need to do. Much is made of going on both an employment and consumption strike. I am all for that, but if we do that, we need structures in place to organize all the mundane needs to keep ourselves going. I would personally love to volunteer my time cleaning,cooking or whatever else for a place to cop a squat, food in my belly and a forum for my voice to be heard. To that end, I would also love to hear from any Occupiers who might be able to help me properly prepare this time.

We can do this, we can make a clean break from the economic system that we have been shoe horned into all our lives without any chance of trying other systems. Some of us have even tried, if more of us did, the one percent that frustrates us so wouldn’t die off, they would just cease to be relevant.


6 thoughts on “Occupy This! What Comes Next?

  1. I really struggle with how do we keep the Occupy movement alive and make it stronger. I think one of the strengths of the movement has been there has been no anointed leader, per say. Now I wonder if it would help to have a cadre of leaders strategically placed across the country.

    • That is one of the things I was thinking Michael. “Leaderless” is an appealing idea, but mostly because “leader” has come to replace “ruler.” Leaders should lead by example and we can get that in the Occupy movement, so long as we are on the look out for those trying to be rulers.

        • Don’t know, there are a few people that it would be good to rally around. Dr. West and Dr. Chomsky come to mind. There are a few people in the media I think that it would be nice if they came out from under their paymasters’ yoke (and you can tell some would kind of like to, Cenk and Dr. Maddow come to mind there) would also be good. Angela Davis would also be a good one. Somebody about my age would be idea, (I know, kinda self serving) that way they could bridge the gap between the old school “radical” lefties, and this younger group that makes the foundation of Occupy.

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