Saturday Morning Cartoons: The late version

Sorry folks, unless you live on the Left Coast this will be more along the lines of the Saturday Afternoon Cartoons this week, bit of a crazy morning. Hopefully I can make it up to you by providing you with some quality hate-reading. I probably should ease into it, but I’m going to come out of the gates strong with…

Do Fat Girls Get More Sex?(Heartiste)

I am seriously just leaving a link to this blog every week and letting you have at it. Really, you just have to visit this sad misanthrope once to understand him. I really do not think misogyny properly explains his utter disdain for women. They are just a means to an end for him, that end usually being an orgasm. This alone would not be so horrible if he did not have a problem with women who, like him, are looking for commitment free sex. This miserable human being (am I being too rough) actually believes that France’s one redeeming quality is that fat women have less sex than they do here in the US. Some of his other hate-readers and I have suggested that he is a serial killer in the making. I have never wanted to be wrong more in my life. Seriously ladies, if you want to find out if you never want to give a guy the time of day again pretend you like this blog and if they know what it is and express anything other than concern, run!

Stanley Cup Victory in Los Angeles (View From The Right)

In the interest of disclosure, if you don’t already know (and really, have you been paying attention) I am an unrepentant lefty. I am a Green, a small “s” socialist, and a Marxist (and please, if you call me a Commie, something I wouldn’t find insulting even though it is inaccurate, you invite a very snarky education on political theory and academics in general) so when I say the main difference between liberals and conservatives is we adjust our views for evidence rather than ignore the evidence because it is inconvenient, I may be biased. Larry here seems intent on at least proving my point about conservatives. I am very glad that LA’s hockey fans behaved after the King’s victory this year. Apparently Larry thinks that means that hockey fans, because they are overwhelmingly white, are better behaved. As pointed out by a commenter, he ignores the riots in (very white) Vancouver and of course the riots, which led to deaths, after the University of Kentucky’s basketball championship. Sand, meet ostrich.

Dat be Raccciist (OneSDV)

Not much to say here. He calls PoC “coloreds.” He is proud of that. By all means, let him know what you think of that, especially if you are a PoC.

That’s all for this week folks. I hope you hate it as much as I do. Now deep sigh, and return to more positive thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons: The late version

  1. Christine,
    You have a stronger stomach than I. Just reading your synopsis of the different nefarious blogs made my stomach turn. I know I should know “thy enemy” but sometimes I just can’t seem to do it.

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