Friday Phone Call: Finally Learning to Chill

If you know me, you know I do not have the best track record on anger management and avoiding cutting of my nose to spite my face.  I have not, in the past, dealt with authority well and while I generally appreciate constructive criticism, if it was overly brusque it would rankle me like nobody’s business. I would not so much consider myself a job hopper (considering 22 years  of adult life spent mostly between three long-term jobs, I hardly qualify in that regard, though opinions may vary) but I have destroyed opportunities due to the specific circumstances of my leaving.

So it was nice last week, despite the overall negative circumstances, when my boss lost his cool over relatively minor mistake and I more or less kept my cool. Not that I was not unhappy over being sent home early, but I did not let it ruin my day. I have not gotten any hours since then, though I still get a daily text from him calling me off, so I know at least he is keeping his options open which, of course, leaves my options open. I am job hunting now, which, the job being seasonal I would have been doing in September anyways, but I am doing so with at least one hand on the steering wheel instead of both over my face worrying.

Not that I deserve a cookie for maintaining self-control, you are supposed to do that, but it is a nice bit of personal growth that I do believe I can give myself a (very) small pat on the back for. Yes I have had moments of anxiety the past week, but they have been brief. My resume is out there, and I’ve had one interview already. There are also many opportunities for day labor, so I am in OK shape. There are no stars in my eyes, but there are no dark clouds either, and that is definitely an improvement.


What do you think?

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