Friday Nite Poety: June 15, 2012

Hello Hand of Ananke Readers. Welcome to another Friday Nite Poetry. I won’t be able to answer your comments right away, as I will be in Brockport at Tom Holmes’s farewell poetry reading at Lift Bridge Books on Main Street. If you happen to be in town at 7, come on by and enjoy Tom’s amazing work. He and his equally talented girlfriend, Melissa, will be leaving to work on their PhD’s. Good luck you two, you will be missed.

This week I have one poem inspired by my love of science, and the other two inspired by my love of social justice. Those latter two were written just this week, so you get new material! I hope you enjoy it, or better yet, that it inspires you to create your own art.


Throw them in the fire
these electrons
and neutrons
throw them in
and hold them there
pushing tight
with the hard weight
from within
utilizing each ounce
of the mightiest
and weakest
force in the cosmos

Burn them weld them
shake them hard
rattle them
until they shine
brighter than bright
and warm
the vast void
that is your bed

Forge them all as you go
each tool each piece
of reality
and all the way to twenty six
and when you get there
keep going
keep working
until you collapse from heart attack
and explode
and in your death rattle
you forge all the rest

Wait and See

“Be patient” you say to her
and her babies are starving
even after her double
and they can’t see a doctor
because her health insurance
leaves her with a big co pay
but still you can tell her that
with arms crossed and a stern face

How dare she get so angry
with her husband in lock up
for not moving quick enough
or saying “yes sir” eyes down
so she takes care of his mom
as well as their three children
you tell her its okay though
it does not happen as much

It is not too long before
that silver lining’s tarnished
and the old building next door
is a boarded-up whore house
so she prays to Jesus Christ
her kids don’t find any stems
but just keep reminding her
that silver’s still sitting there

Maybe your hope can pay her
take care of her too high rent
or a real lawyer for him
maybe for her insulin
that she’s not taken in weeks
so she can’t let herself think
that her feet are anything
but a little bit swollen

All of your good intentions
are piling up around her
blocking her path to freedom
but you feel your rage is just
when you dare admonish her
that her anger holds her back
and is the reason she suffers
twisting that knife one more time

Lay that guilt on extra thick
so she takes one for the team
to get your man on the stage
because damn doesn’t he sing
doesn’t he look good up there
hawking empty promises
that you took so long to write
so you could stay relevant

Asking Because

We are the cause and the effect
blurred together
smashing our way through history
careening off ourselves
and each other

Now is always then eventually
and today’s hopeless fight
is tomorrow’s unequivocal truth
if we have the nerve
if we have the patience

Armed only with our smug defiance
our willful unwillingness
to play by your rules anymore
or even to play that old game
we’ll make it what we want

Soon you will have no other option
but to come out from behind your panel
and join us as brothers and sisters
with all the privilege and responsibility
that implies


What do you think?

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