With all respect to The Thin White Duke, it is time for some drastic changes in this blog. Not that I have been unhappy with it. Overall I think I’ve done an OK job, especially for having half assed it for the last six months. It is just high time  I treated this like the job I say I want it to be. Eventually this will mean a drastically different look when I figure out how best to change it visually. For the time being it means a nice schedule of guaranteed subject matter (don’t worry, I will still be posting random thoughts as they pop into my noggin.) With that in mind, here is what you will be able to expect every weekday from your favorite atheist, tranny-dyke, nerd blogger:

  • Go To Meetin’ (Sundays): No, I am not a believer, but I find belief fascinating and sometimes even beautiful. On Sundays (when else would I do so in America?) I will discuss different beliefs, their place in our society, and what they contribute, for good or for ill. Occasionally I will post discussions I have had with people of varying beliefs. Go To Meetin’ will usually be upbeat or at least neutral. I will use random posts to call out what I don’t like about organized religion (or any other belief.)
  • Creating Mosaics (Mondays): “Allah loves glorious diversity” (hey, when in doubt, quote Morgan Freeman.) It should be no surprise to anyone who has already read Hand of Ananke that I am a fan of multiculturalism and general respect for diversity.  Also, I love using the term “mosaic.” Monday will be the day to reflect on experiences outside what could be called the “American Main Stream.” Religion will not be a common topic (though it is not off the table) as it will mostly be handled in Go To Meetin’. We will be discussing racial, ethnic, gender, sexual and other issues however. Again, I will try to make the posts positive and/or informative.
  • Cashing Checks (Tuesdays): Privilege checks that is. Tuesdays will be the day I make up for the previous two happy-feelie days.  I will challenge your privilege, be it white, male, cis, hetero, class or (dammit yes this exists!) Christian. I will look over the previous week in privilege stupidity and comment on the struggles at large.
  • Occupy This! (Wednesday) I did not spend long with the Occupy Movement, at least not on the ground, but the experience moved me and I have no intentions of stopping. Our political and economic system favors a minority at the varying expense of the majority, all in the service of an even smaller minority of elites. We can change this but it takes effort and education. Wednesdays I will add my two cents on our politics and economics as well as update people on upcoming protests and other events
  • Between a Roc and a Hard Place (Thursday) Only Rochester folk will appreciate the title which is fine because Thursday is their day. Sometimes I will comment on local news, others on our history. I will post upcoming events that intrigue me as well.
  • Friday Morning Phone Call (ummm… Friday) For some people Friday morning is an opportunity to call a loved one and catch up on their lives. The Friday Morning Phone Call will be my chance to post about my personal triumphs and tragedies. Please feel free to share yours in the comments.
  • Friday Nite Poetry (also… Friday) Once a week I will be sharing my poetry, old and new. Some of it will have been posted on my Tumblr. Some of it will be in my books (you can find them on the right!) Some of it will be new and exclusive for my readers. I hope all of it is enjoyable.
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons (What? Three out of eight isn’t bad!) I have been dragged into the habit of hate reading some particularly onerous blogs. Every Saturday morning I will link to two or three really terrible posts and tell you why I think they are horrible. Sure it’s kind of snarky, but it’s fun!

So there you have it. As I said, none of this will prevent me from making random posts on any given day, but it will guarantee you get something every day, that you can be reasonably certain what at least one of those somethings is, and help you decide which days of the week you just have to check out what is going on at Hand of Ananke.

Pax et Amor friends and keep the comments coming!


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