Another New Tradition! Saturday Morning Cartoons!!!

Quick disclaimer, there will likely be no cartoons in this new feature.My friend Taylor Yu loves to “hate read.”  I don’t get into it quite as much, but I can see its appeal and do occasionally indulge. Hate reading is when you read blogs you know are going to annoy you just so you can be angry at the blogger,  make fun of them or whatever else floats your boat after reading something you find abysmally stupid.

So, in the interest of getting this little endeavor a little better organized, and giving you better, more diverse content, I will be picking my two or three favorite hate reads for the week every Saturday morning and giving them the quick and dirty “hate” treatment. Here we go

Fatherhood: Gay Edition (by OneSTDV)

A “fan” favorite of both myself and Mr. Yu, One is a boy with issues. His obsession with Taylor Swift would be cute if it were not so creepy and if it did not go hand in hand with an obsession with adolescent (we’re talking 13, 14 yo here folks) women.

One loves traditional values though he eschews religion. He often makes semi-well thought out arguments about the value of tradition, though like many who do so he ignores any evidence that traditions need to be re-examined. He also has this weird tendency toward frankly emotional responses to things he does not understand while somehow attempting to frame it as some kind of critical analysis of the phenomena.

His latest target? JCPenny’s LGBTQ friendly Father’s Day advertising. Apparently he is really hung up on gay sex, and is laboring under the illusion that all gay males have a preference for anal, or as he so eloquently puts it “buttsecz” (poor dear can’t even bring himself to spell out “sex” correctly near the world “butt.”)

What really makes this post amusing, however, is his contention that the push for acceptance of the LGBTQ community is somehow a deliberate effort to destroy all tradition and therefore all community. This young man takes paranoia to a whole new level, but don’t take my word for it, peruse his blog and please, troll away!

An Issue Forced Into The Shadows (View From The Right)

Mr. Auster has more issues than Hustler. He really is a walking stereotype of psychotic, right-wing blogging, and I sometimes wonder if he is possibly trolling the right-wing blogosphere.

In the assumption that he is not, however, I give you this little nugget.  I don’t want to give any birthers too much publicity, but you have to be in awe of someone who cannot take his (presumably now former) ideological allies giving up on an issue as a hint that “hey, maybe I got that one wrong.” I am both amused by and frightened of the will it takes to grip an idea with that kind of tenacity.

Anders Berhing Breivik and World of Warcraft (Half Sigma)

HS, another fan favorite. This guy is brighter than he appears which makes so much of the crap coming from him that much harder to swallow.

This bit of nutbaggery isn’t annoying for its slamming on people who share a different idea of fun from him. Hey, we all do that once in a while, though HS seems to take it as some sort of legitimate example of his intellectual and moral superiority. No what makes this sickening is implied victimization of Anders Behring Breivik and George Zimmerman. The deliberate exaggeration of any decent thinking person’s attitude toward these men is a really feeble and disgusting attempt to hang a straw man on those that don’t think its okay to hate people for the color of their skin.

… So there you have it. Maybe I can drag you into my and Mr. Yu’s naughty little habit, or maybe just give you a brief glimpse once a week at what kind of sick minds are out there. Don’t be shy, let me, or better yet them, know what you think.


What do you think?

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