New Tradition: Friday Nite Poetry!!!

Alright, I admit, this is as much an attempt to keep my number of posts (and hence, hopefully, my page views) up. But I would also like to share my creative writing more here and not just on my Tumblr. Some of it (for instance this week, though Good For Something was written earlier today) will be old stuff, but I will be posting stuff simultaneously more, and even occasionally stuff just for my WordPresss fans. Some of this work (ahem… shamelessplugshamelessplug) can be found in my two books. So here we go, a few poems for you on a Friday nite!!

Good For Something

Here but for the grace of whatever go you.
So I suppose it follows
I am good for something.

A walking, talking, breathing, working,
and whatever else,
cautionary tale.

You can grab your kids arm and make them stare at me:
“this is what will happen Tommy,”
and they’ll straighten right out.

Everyone, man, woman and child, needs a purpose,
even one as utterly sad
as the one I apparently serve.

I really should learn to just surrender to it,
to really let go and fuck up
in every conceivable way.

After all, if you have a special talent
you really should share it with the world.
Why do things half-assed?

I’ll drink all night, screw complete strangers and sleep in gutters
being the very best train wreck
I can manage to be.

That way I can provide the very best show
anyone could need to keep straight
and make myself useful after all.

Just Once

Just once
I want you to look
deep in my eyes
so you can see me
as I truly am
and wonder

Just once
I want to kiss you
our lips twisting
eagerly probing
anxious and full
of yearing

Just once
I want to undress you
as you undress me
so we can explore
every curve, angle
and blemish

Just once
I want my fingertips
to taunt your skin
lightly playing your nerves
until they play you
teasing hard

Just once
I want to bury myself
between your legs
to find that warm place
deep inside you ready
to be freed

Just once
I want to make you
arch your back high
in tortuous ecstasy
your tears of wanton joy
flowing fast

Just once
I want to see you
exhausted unfocused and happy
lost in the thick smoke
of passion’s fading embers
so content

I want this just once
so you know
just what it is
you are missing

and finally…

80’s Girl

I want to be
directed by
Cameron Crowe
or John Hughes

I want to be
John Cusack
Ione Skye
or Molly Ringwald

I just want
to get the girl
get the boy
to be popular

I just want
earnest to be enough
and awkwardness
to be a virtue

And I’d like
the bohunk
to lean in and kiss me
“Happy Birthday Christine”

But I never
went to prom
or got the boy
or got the girl

I never spoke out
except maybe
when frustrated
and crying

And I never did
come out of my shell
or smiled wide
or stood up and danced

And awkwardness
remains a sin
and earnest
is weakness

All my teen idols
now middle aged
faded memories
half forgotten hopes

But I still want to
eat up the scenery
and be the star
for Cameron Crowe


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