Ooooo… Tumbleweeds…

… this is what happens when you blog twice in three weeks. To be fair to myself, it has been a crazy, good, whirlwind of activity, between starting a new job with sputtering hours (The Pelican’s Nest is a seasonal restaurant and night spot with mostly outdoor seating, so Western NY weather is always fun for them April and May) and moving into my (temporary) housing arrangement in a rooming house I have either been too busy to update or too anxious as I awaited these relatively minor but still important changes.

Still, life has been good and it keeps getting better. Opportunities are opening up all around and for the first time in my life, rather than worry about where they lack, I am concentrating on what is great about them. This job pays fairly well with many, many hours waiting down the pipe. This will provide me the funds to take the next step in my transition (helloooooo HRT!!!!) It will also allow me the funds to take my blogging and some of my other activities to the next level.  Also, it is just a fun, decent bunch to work with and for. Is it perfect? No, but nowhere is and it doesn’t have to be.

In other news, I have been taking steps to be more active in those matters that I care about deeply. I got to volunteer with Girls Rock! Rochester‘s Girls Rock the Alley bike race. Besides knowing I got to help a worthy cause, I got to hang out with a potential new friend as we watched racers paint whiskers on their faces at our stop. Unfortunately the batteries on my camera pooped out right after the first photo I took. C’est la guerre. The same friend that put me on to that opportunity has introduced me to a couple of other groups as well, so it will be good to put my money, or at least my sweat, where my (on-line) mouth is.

Finally, Memorial Day weekend I get to tell the story of my transition so far to a wonderful group of people at the Luke 6 Project. Besides sharing my tale and getting to teach a bit on how to be a good trans ally, I am looking forward to learning a bit more on how to embrace non-violence as a means of change. When I went to Occupy Wall Street for that week in October, I was ready to get arrested and was even certain that I could maintain a passive response to police brutality. It occurred to me though that my passivity would be a defiant,  proud and angry sort that may not change hearts how I want to. I want to learn how to let go of that and I am hoping I might learn over that weekend in Stony Point.

So yeah, overall, life is good. In fact, life has mostly been good. Is being a trans woman in a society that still tries to label everyone neatly in terms of gender a challenge? Sure, but I am not alone in this and I am learning that, with the help of friends and family, I have the strength to deal with it. It has only taken me 30+ years (I was happy for a while as a kid) to stop and smell the roses, but now that I have, oh how sweet they are.


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