10 Million Proud Mothers

Sometime back I discussed onemillionmoms.com (grrrr) and their attack on Ellen DeGeneres and JCPenny. I proposed setting up a counter to their hate mongering and I have been, very slowly, working on that. I have set up another WordPress blog, 10millionproudmothers.com, in the hopes that we can get the LGBTQ community and their allies to share their stories and to stand up to the bullies. I have not contacted PFLAG yet though I will, probably today, because I do want to work closely with them.

I really do want to get up to ten million followers for it, and I think we can if we spread the word. I don’t want our number to be just a hyperbole, as it is with onemillionmoms.com. The open-minded and open-hearted in this country really do outnumber the hate mongers, we just have been too quiet about it. That is changing, and I am glad, because we need it.

We need it because the voices of bigotry have gotten louder of late, their forces more politically motivated. They know they are becoming increasingly irrelevant, which is why they send out their champions, like Rick Santorum, out to whip up the fearful into a feeding frenzy. Well I refuse to give in, and we don’t have to, if we show them just how much we outnumber them, and maybe even educate them by example. Maybe a few of them can learn to live in real love if we show them what that means, and as for those that refuse to learn, well, they will at least learn how hopelessly outnumbered they are.

I have asked people to spread the word and to share their stories of how they have taught their children, how they were taught by their parents, or any story that is a great example of what it means to be an LGBTQ ally with me so I can share it on the blog. I realized today that I have not been a good example in that regard, so I shared my story. I hope that you do the same, and that you encourage others to join us.


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