Ahhhh… Priorities

It is nice to see the right to free assembly finally respected. No pepper spray or beatings here. No targeting peaceful demonstrators. No bullying the free press. No wrangling groups of people like they are cattle until they have no where else to go. It is good to see some things are important enough for the authorities to give free voice to the people. Especially when they are allowed to y’know, shoot people and set cars on fire over a FUCKING BASKETBALL GAME!!!!

In the common internet parlance: America, I am disappoint. Through months of mostly peaceful protest Occupiers have been sprayed, they have been beaten, they have had their heads smashed into windows, been left for hours without food or bathroom facilities after arrest and generally bullied by the cops. During all this too much of the narrative in this country has been built around the idea that somehow these protesters have deserved this treatment. Agree or disagree with them as you want, but these protesters have been making sacrifices and putting themselves in harm’s way to make this country a better place, not just for themselves, but for you as well.

Maybe they have the wrong idea about what needs to be changed in this country though I am not inclined to believe so. Even if I did, how can we be happy living in a country where this can happen to people trying to do right but meanwhile mass destruction of property on a scale that dwarfs anything done by the handful of bad apples in the Occupy Movement and violence against other people to celebrate a game is treated with a collective yawn. Oh it made the news, where it was treated like a “boys will be boys” situation.

Through this new social and political awakening I have been, and remain, mostly optimistic about the direction our country is taking.  If we are going to keep this momentum though, we have to call our media and our authorities out on these little hypocrisies. I am glad that the cops did not cross any lines in Kentucky, I am, but really, this isn’t about them, it’s about us, and how we react to these two very different groups of people.


What do you think?

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