Article 9

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Well now, that didn’t last long it. Right back to America’s behavior. Not that we are alone on this. The powers that be use arrest as a tool of oppression whenever it is convenient. Sometimes it’s for little things, like randomly grabbing protesters to strike fear into others. Sometimes it’s for big things, like daring to publish documents questioning the government.

Now our own government has the power to detain, without explanation and without recourse, anyone who is suspected of being a terrorist. The one thing American’s across the political spectrum could take pride in about their country and we are tossing it aside for what? Expedience? A sense of safety? By now we all now the quote regarding liberty and security. The thing is the prediction that comes with that quote is true. Because when that happens we do lose our security, when that happens we have to live in constant fear of the state.

Which is why so many states do it. It is why our state, bought and paid for by corporate elites is keeping this “debate” on the table, rather than dismiss it as un-American as they should. They want to keep us afraid. Just as many Cubans, Chinese, Iranians and Saudis are afraid of their state. So far, thankfully, it seems to have generated the opposite result. Those Americans that have not put their heads in the sand are outraged as well they should be.

I wish they would be as outraged by the arbitrary arrests of Occupiers. It should be noted that many of these people are released without charge because there is no basis for holding them. The only reason they are arrested is to scare them into staying home. We are on the cusp America, we’ve been teetering there for some time. We only got here because not enough of us have been bold enough to stand up and be counted. Not enough of us take to the streets, not enough of us dare the government to shut us down. We can and must do this.

Despite our faults, which I as a free American will never stop shining the light on nor stop trying to remedy, we have been a beacon to oppressed people around the world. We have been an example to them that the state does not have the right to simply lock you up and throw away the key without giving you fair trial or even telling you, or your community, why. This is why, not just for our own sake, but for the sake of those people we cannot let that light go out. If we lose our way, I am not certain anyone will find their way back anytime soon.


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