F*** Yeah Starbucks!!!!

Today is a good day. Today is an over the top, I want to shout “I love you world” at the top of my lungs kind of day. Today is one of those days that I hope I never forget. March 28, 2012, the day I learned that not only did Starbucks tell the National Organization for Marriage, a group of anti-gay hate mongers, that they cared not about their boycott, but that Starbucks’s patrons said “yeah, us too!”

At the risk of sounding condescending, I am so very proud of you America. There have been times that I was afraid that you were ruled by bigots and seriously old-school zealots.  So many of us that have been in their cross hairs have felt abandoned by our countrymen, who have told us again and again that they support us, but have so often been silent as these demagogues claim to have righteousness and numbers on their side. You stood up with and for us and told them, “no, you have neither.”

All this on the heels of JCPenny standing by Ellen DeGeneres (don’t think I’ve forgotten you guys.) All this on the heels of the Girl Scouts standing by a young trans woman in their midst. All this on the heels of my home state of New York finally joining the ranks of states that have accepted marriage equality. At the risk of sounding cliche: it really does get better.

Too often it is easy to pay attention to all those that hate us so much. They are loud, they are mean and quite frankly scary. We are not alone however, and America thank you so much for showing us that. We are not a perfect people, we never have been, there is so much work to be done for so many groups that get forgotten, but today, today you have shown me you can walk the walk when you choose to.


5 thoughts on “F*** Yeah Starbucks!!!!

  1. I honestly think that when confronted reasonably and rationally, most people, maybe not the 90+% that this signature sample represents, but most people can agree on what is the right thing.

    They might throw out a few “yeah but’s” because of political, religious, social, economic, or whatever ideology, but they know what is right when confronted with it.

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