These Are Our Choices?

Warning! I will be writing about Rick Santorum here. Foul language may ensue!

We don’t have much of a Presidential field this year. Actually, we haven’t had one for some time. I really can’t think of any candidate, except maybe Jimmy Carter, in my lifetime that actually pursued the Presidency because they believed they had a plan to keep America great or make it greater. Oh we’ve had at least two who ran because other people had plans for them, but that is an entirely different matter.

Most of our Presidents in my life, and the people they bested in the election, merely ran because it was the ultimate feather in their electoral camp. It is the prize for any career politician. Achieve that and you are guaranteed a place in history. Not that I bear President Obama any ill will, but really how can you not see that from someone who ran such a centrist campaign?

The big exception this year is Rick Santorum, who provides sharp relief to the ultimate in careerist, cookie-cutter politicians: Mitt Romney. Say what you will about Rick, the crazy fucker has a plan. A messed up, misanthropic, misogynist plan to return us to the dark ages, but a plan nonetheless. He has a vision of this country that he wants to see become a reality. A vision that we have to make certain to avoid at all fucking costs!

It really isn’t too much to ask us all to pay more attention. That and get out there and vote. Oh, and maybe, just maybe give up that “I won’t vote for third-party candidates because they can’t win” self-fulfilling prophecy (and really? Is that so hard to figure out?) Because there are some bright people with good plans, or at least plans that aren’t scary as hell. People who do want to do more than just get that final feather in their political cap and we ignore them, because the two main parties are familiar and therefore safe.

Maybe that’s okay, but I want more choices. I want more flavor, even if it is not from alternate parties. I want the Dennis Kucinich’s of the Democratic party to get more attention, I want more than just a guy, or even a gal, checking off that last box on their to-do list. It really isn’t too much to ask, and we could get it, if we all ask for it.


What do you think?

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