The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

For this past Christmas my wonderful little sister got me, among other things the book Freedom, a collection of short stories put together to honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This made me very happy as a) it showed just how very well my sister knows me and b) it gave me an opportunity to educate myself further on the Declaration. It is hard to believe it has been over sixty years, longer than I’ve been alive, since it has been adopted. It is, unfortunately, not very hard to believe that we fail to live up to the Declaration as much as we do, even in the so-called Free World.

I am going to take a little inspiration from this book. For the next several weeks I am going to write about each of the articles in the Declaration, one per day, listing them and sharing my insights as to what they mean and how well we adhere to them. I hope those of you reading share your thoughts on this. These are important matters and an open dialogue will help us learn more about each other and our place in this world.

Pax et Amor;


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