Eek! An Orgasm!

Alright, sorry, I know that title is very crass, and I want to take this subject seriously, I really do, but the culture warriors’, in particularly Rick Santorum‘s, obsession with sex is simultaneously infuriating and amusing. I have to give (not so) Slick Rick a little credit. Based on his above-linked attack on pornography at least he’s against men achieving orgasm too. That makes him less of a hypocrite than most hardcore (if you’ll pardon the pun) social conservatives.

In the interest of disclosure, you should know, I rather enjoy porn. I like to think I strike a balance with it and am not addicted, though I am not a professional so who’s to say? I also know that the industry has plenty of problems. As long as it has existed in the sort-of main stream, and probably before, it has had problems with drug addiction. It contributes, though it doesn’t have to, to the objectification of women and in continuing to force a standard of beauty, which is both narrow and almost impossible to attain without mutilating oneself.  The general narrative from and surrounding the porn industry remains one in which sexually active women are an aberration and this is as it should be. The Madonna-Whore Complex is alive and well thank you very much.

That said, those problems do not necessarily mean porn should be banned, merely reformed. Most of this can be done with a little education and, oh yeah, by no longer shaming women who go into it. You want to keep women from being abused, stop making it look like the only women  who would go into the business are already abused. If you make it look like something a healthy, confident woman would do, then that is who will go into the business, and a healthy, confident woman is less likely to be taken advantage of. If you continue to make it something only “those” girls do, then women who already think poorly of themselves will enter the industry and will allow themselves to be used.

Now I can already hear the cries, that favorite rallying call of the culture warriors “but what about the children?” What about them? Who are these people showing their kids porn? Let me tell you, and this is going to come off really mean because, well, it is but it is also true, if you cannot take a little time to watch what your kid is doing on the internet, well maybe you deserve to have to explain “fisting” to them. Most states already have age requirements for the purchase of porn. If someone is breaking those rules, call them out for that, don’t try to ban porn. If someone is turning out underage girls and getting them addicted to drugs to put them in porn, arrest them for that, don’t ban porn.

The industry can do themselves some favors too. I don’t quite understand their absolute opposition to a .xxx top level domain. It would be a great way to drum up traffic on their sites and would give parents a tool to more easily block sites on their computers. It seems like a win-win, but as is so often the case in our country, giving to another seems like taking from oneself apparently.

Let’s face it, for most of these guys the war on “perversion”, whether it’s porn, gay people, trans people or pre marital sex, is just a diversion. It keeps people from recognizing the real perversion, the purchase of our government by a few elites. What I do with my time is none of your business so long as I am not hurting anyone, and the same goes for you. They can rely, however, on your being skeeved out, or not wanting to look like a bad person, so they can keep us separate and unable to focus on the real issues. Divide and conquer baby! Well, with the exception of Rick. I wonder if he cried during the act of making each of his children. If so, that’s too bad for him, because climax is freakin’ fantastic!


What do you think?

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