Full Circle Jerk

How many more must perish?
How long now, have we lost those we cherish?
Too many of us yearn to be free,
While through smiling teeth, they speak of democracy.

You wallow in mud and whimper in pain
And listen while they tell you your loss is your gain.
More wealth than gods they try to amass
And asking them to share is war on their class.

And I laugh because we’re already at war.
One waged upon paupers by those that have more
And my back is aching from burying my brothers
Who choked on the definition of freedom that smothers.

But history’s lessons they might want to study
Because the way this is going it’s gonna get bloody.
Try to tell me to open my fist and offer a hand
And I may just smack you yelling: “take a stand!”

You’re thrown on the ground and fed all that dirt
And I’m starting to think that you’re hooked on the hurt.
You battered wife, bondage queen, you best learn to kick
Because your submissive position is making me sick!

I’ll beat on my chest and howl at the air
All the time wondering why the hell I should care.
You accept that inch for the mile that they take
And can’t look at your children and see what’s at stake.

But I’m tired of being kicked in the teeth
Told by those on high that I belong beneath!
So with growl in my throat and my hands on their neck
It’s time to give the plutocracy their reality check!


Disclaimer: No I am not really this aggressive, but I’ve always been proud of this little bit of rage poetry of mine. I shared it once on my Tumblr and figured I’d share it here.


4 thoughts on “Full Circle Jerk

    • Well said Michael. Poor white, hetero (and let’s not forget “Christian”) males will hold onto the little bit of power their privilege gives them for dear life, even if it means maintaining a system that harms them.

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