Criminalizing Dissent With Criminal Behavior

I want to be an optimist, I really do. I want to believe that our leaders will always keep our best interests in mind even if they do lose their way with the influence of big money lobbyists all around them. I want to believe that our Representatives, Senators and the President will always respect the spirit of the US Constitution. I want to believe all that, but then I see this.

HR 347 will, among some things that make sense, make it illegal to protest anywhere where the Secret Service is on protection detail. Between that, and the already criminal treatment by many local police forces of the Occupy Movement we are headed for very dark times in this country. If the President signs this into law we have officially taken the first step into real authoritarian rule in the US. We have already seen the extremes that authority will go to in order to silence us.  Things are shortly to get much worse, if we let them.

Which we cannot do. For our sake. We cannot let this go unchallenged. We cannot sit silently any longer while they whittle away our rights. For eight years of Bush we suffered threats to our freedoms, threats that the Obama administration has done nothing to address. We have suffered warrantless wire tapping, indefinite detention of terror “suspects”, threats of indefinite detention of US citizens and more. We have watched peaceful young people assaulted with pepper spray and even beaten. We have watched the willful self-censorship of a compliant media. We are at a tipping point.

The day the President signs this into law, and I have no doubt he will, we have a choice to make. We can either sit back and treat it like just another day at the office. We can put our heads in the sand and hope for the best despite the fact that we know things are going to turn out for the worse. We can slouch in our dinner chairs and never speak up again, quietly accepting that our “leaders” in the halls of government and in corporate boardrooms know so much better than we do, or…

We can rise up, march and be heard. We can all walk, drive/ride/down to Washington, all of us. We can leave work and be heard, like the roar of a coming tidal wave. We can all be criminals and let them try to arrest us all, millions of us. We can show them that they didn’t have to be afraid of us, but now, they have left us no choice. We can do this without violence but with great strength. We can do this all together despite the divisions of politics, religion, race, gender, or sexual identity. We can show them just how strong the American People really are.

I have a proposal. The day after the President signs this, and again, I am certain he will, gas up your car if you have one (or buy a bus ticket, beg a ride, whatever if you do not, (pack everything you think you will need (food, clothes, etc) and make plans. Make plans for two days after, when you, and as many people as you can get to join you ride down to DC, all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue and for however long we need to, we make a mighty noise. We force them to prove themselves to be the traitors they so obviously are.

If we don’t do this, if we do not stand up and fight, however peacefully, then we don’t deserve to live in a free country. If you meekly accept this, then you have spoken, loud and clear without uttering a word, that you do not want to live in a free society any longer. You are complicit in the downfall of the dream this country represented. I don’t want to be so harsh about it, but if you search your heart, you’ll know it to be true. Don’t be meek. If they are going to silence us, make them work for it. Organize, mobilize and watch their eyes!



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