Underestimating The Lure of Male Privilege

This post may cost me a few friends depending on who reads, but honestly I am beyond the point of caring where this issue is concerned any more. A word of warning, I use some strong language here. I have had it up to my eyeballs with the whining of mostly-white, mostly-male, right wing Christians whining about how they are somehow under attack. I will write even more about that tomorrow but for now, I want to shine a light on one of the issues they keep on getting worked into a lather about: birth control.

Specifically, at least today, I am really angry about the brouhaha over the morning after pill. Or as the completely uneducated, theocratic freak show that is right wing Christianity like to call it: “the abortion pill.” The facts that this moniker has been shown, over and over again, to be completely inappropriate, that the pill prevents the implantation of the egg, that conception itself isn’t some instantaneous, “we fucked five minutes ago so either you’re pregnant or you’re not” scenario, all are ignored by these folks. You know what though, I don’t care if it is abortion because a) regardless of the circumstances, it is none of your business and b) the morning after (actually five days after) this is what you would be aborting:

If that is a full human being to you but this

is not, you are officially a jerk. Sorry, it’s true, deal with it or do not, I don’t care, but I’m fairly certain I don’t even want to know you at this point.

The first image is a collection of cells. There is no brain, no sensory organs no nervous system of any kind. There is not even a heart. Your sole reason for wanting to accord it status of any kind hinges on the utterly impossible to prove notion that it has a soul.

Before you decide to accuse me of putting words in your mouth, before you cry that “I never said that woman isn’t a full human being” let me just make it clear, yes you fucking well did. You decided that she, or any woman, isn’t a full human being when you decided they cannot do as they see fit with their bodies. You whine that it is against your faith to let you insurance provider cover their birth control. You lie about the costs of said birth control, complaining that the providers would raise your rates for providing it when in fact the opposite is true (pills are cheaper than babies or miscarriages.) Her status as an individual is tied completely into your wants and needs of her.

You decided to say that she was less of a person by suggesting that, unlike you, she was not allowed to have relatively consequence free sex. You decided she was less than you when you suggested she should not enjoy sex at all. You decided she was less than you when you continue to sit silent as authorities continue to use slut shaming on rape victims rather than challenge the rape culture we live in. You decided she was less than you when you decided to use phrases like “women have to learn to cross their legs.”

I know I’m getting a lot more riled up than normal. I know I am using harsher language than normal, but I am out of patience. I am out of patience with people trying to use their utterly arbitrary notions of the divine to tell other people how to live, and I am out of patience with men who are so desperate to hold onto their privilege that they are willing to be hypocrites and liars that create an ugly world for their daughters. I am out of patience with woman, so afraid to stand up for themselves, or so enamored of their Christian privilege, that they enable those men. Finally, I am out of patience with those of us that sit back and let these fools control the dialogue. Get angry, call these bastards out and take a stand. We’ve underestimated the lure of male privilege for too long and it is time to pull that rug out from under them.


4 thoughts on “Underestimating The Lure of Male Privilege

  1. A little science could go a long way– the reality of fetal development is irrelevant to this crowd, because they’ve latched onto “abortion” as a political tool. Zygote? Blastocyst? Fetus? Baby? These are not interchangeable terms. Yet to the control freaks on the right, reality is secondary to control. The people they brainwash, however, might benefit from being educated on how humans are created. Sigh.

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