The Climate Change “Conspiracy”

“It’s just a theory.” If I hear those words one more time regarding anthropogenic climate change, my head may explode. First, it shows a disgusting level of ignorance of the definition of the word theory, at least in regards to its use in scientific discovery. Second it shows a childish willingness to disregard any idea that might inconvenience one just a little.

I get why the powers behind the energy industry pump out their propaganda all while spending tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars on investigating “alternative energy.” They are trying to keep the status quo going until they find a way to charge us through the teeth for resources that are almost free and effectively unlimited. It isn’t pretty or nice, but I can get my head around their short sighted greed. What I can’t get my head around is the average American, a creature that claims to hold people in power with disdain, is so willing to trust that propaganda.

Is it really that appealing, being able to drive to the corner store and back, to make your morning commute in solitude, to leave the lights on all night that you will ignore a growing mountain of evidence that suggests all that might be making this world unlivable for us? This selfish delusion is annoying, all the more so because these people are more than willing to attack anyone who says they are wrong, especially the scientists who are proving them wrong.

Somehow they have gotten it into their heads that these men and women are part of some vast conspiracy to fool the public. If that is the case, what is the motive: money? I have known a few environmental scientists. I am sure that a few department chairs and well published professors make an OK living off of their work, but most of these people are barely middle classed in economic terms. If their is a conspiracy, how do they factor into it?

Simply put, they do not. These people get their money, however much it is, for looking for answers without any requirement of that answer being one or the other. They would make the same amount of money if they came out on the side of climate deniers. The reason they do not is that the evidence overwhelmingly supports not doing so. Rather than invent a boogie man so you can keep your lavish and flatteringly wasteful lifestyle, maybe you climate deniers out there should take the time to help discover how we can manage not to ruin this planet for ourselves.


What do you think?

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