How Many Moms?

I told you it was going to be one of those days. Maybe I’m just more fired up than normal. Maybe I am fed up in general, or maybe there really are more attacks to defend from so I have no choice but to motivate. Whatever the cause I am ready to go and have a lot to say. As I said earlier, we have been silent for too long.

Take, for instance, how we have let right wing radicals co opt words like “mother.” We suffer the thinly veiled excuse that “it’s for the children” but never stop to ask what loving mother would want their child to grow up in a world were sexism, heterosexism, cis sexism and race hate were allowed to flourish. Why do we let them claim that word for their own? I’m not talking about taking away their right to use it, I’m asking why don’t we attempt to use it for ourselves?

How does a group like get a pass on speaking for all the moms out there? They have taken up arms in their war against LGBTQ equality and brought the battle to JCPenny over hiring Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson. As queer icons go Ellen is pretty darn vanilla. She’s out of the closet but rarely makes an issue of her sexuality and is one of the most family friendly celebrities of any sexuality that I can think of. Which is probably the point. After all, if kids see that a lesbian can be just folk, like them, why then, they might think gay people deserve to be treated with dignity. We wouldn’t want that now would we?

Let’s get back to my main point though. We should reclaim the words “mom”, “mother” and any variation there of from these people. Proud mothers of queer children, whether gay, bi, lesbian, transgender or anywhere else on that rainbow should let these bigots know, “hey, I’m a mom and your efforts are atacking my child!”

It is for this reason I propose a new organization. I say we form to counter these spiteful bigots. I know you are out there. Some of you have queer children. Some of you do not but don’t want to see your child growing up thinking it is ok to hate someone just for being different. Some of you may be relatively neutral in regards to LGBTQ issues but tired of a small group speaking for you. So don’t let them. Let’s put these people in their place. Let’s speak for ourselves!


One thought on “How Many Moms?

  1. Definitely! I was SO offended when Sarah Palin talked on and on about being a great mother, and then trucked her children all over creation to get a photo op (not to mention the agenda she was trying to push!) I was offended as a mother that she thought she could speak for me! There are as many pictures of “mother” as there are women. Those of us that are actually paying attention need to stand up for equality.

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