From Kindness To Cowardice

Bullies abound in our still very much evolving species. It seems a point cannot be made without beating one’s chest and howling at everyone within earshot, even those who are not your foes. The worst of us bluster, threaten and manipulate until they get their own way. Unfortunately there are too few with the strength to stand up to these types and sometimes its seems like the numbers of the brave shrink everyday.

I cannot immediately call to mind any group whose instinct to bully matches that of the so-called pro life movement. They form picket lines in front of women’s health clinics that provide far more services than abortions. They scream at vulnerable and frightened young women making a choice that few make casually. Occasionally they cross the line into murder (or as Dennis Miller pointed out when he still was funny: they “aborted someone in the 40th trimester.”) They concede no ground even in the face of a life or death decision for a mother to be. They cloak themselves in a self righteousness that mysteriously evaporates when the well being of the newly born “abortion survivor” is facing a life of abject poverty and pain.

Now this lunatic fringe has browbeat a charity into not supporting the greatest champion of women’s health we have. Susan G. Komen for a Cure, the nations largest breast cancer charity has decided to no longer fund low cost breast cancer screenings provided by Planned Parenthood.  Thanks to a vanishing but rabid group of zealots thousands of women will now be left in the cold and in the dark, never knowing, until it is too late, whether they have this brutal disease.

Let me make this clear, it should matter not one bit how much of their services involve abortion. First of all, it is not the only service they provide, so the funds are needed for those other services and second of all you can take your sliding scale ethics and cram them because abortion is at most an issue of morality, something our laws should never be about. Laws in a secular society should be about public safety. That said it is ridiculous how vilified Planned Parenthood for something that makes up the smallest portion of what they do. Is keeping money out of an abortion providers hands so important that you are willing to do so much harm to so many women in need? If you are, I am sorry to say, you are a bit of a monster.

Komen for a Cure’s cowardice needs to be called out. I for one will not support them in any way shape or form so long as they take this stance, which grieves me to no end, because cancer is a very personal issue for me.  I recommend everyone who thinks as I do sign this petition. I would also ask you all look for alternative avenues of supporting breast cancer sufferers and survivors and maybe even find a way to help Planned Parenthood. The work they do is vital and they do not deserve to exist in the constant state of siege they always have, a state that has been amplified the past few years.


One thought on “From Kindness To Cowardice

  1. Dear Christine,
    Great blog, and I liked the older ones, too. Just thought you should know I’ve been reading them and liking what you have to say. I don’t subscribe because I don’t like getting so much E-mail… but I will always read them when you post through FB. I like your reasoning and compassion and you are a good writer, also.
    I look forward to reading more posts.
    a Fan, Michele

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