The Shout of Reason

For a nation proud of its rebellious roots we have a surprising talent for being unrepentant sycophants. Oh we pick and choose who we suck up to, but suck up we do. We suck up to, worship, beatify and defend with the sharpest words anyone we have decided is worth following. Any attempt to question the object of their worship is to invite attacks on your character and your intelligence.

Forgive me if I am repeating myself, I know I’ve tackled this before, but the rabid defense of the President by his fan base (and yes that term just feels right) has left me battered and bloodied, metaphorically speaking of course.  It does not matter how much I try to explain that, hey, it’s just this or that policy point that bothers me, and I generally support him, even though he’s been a let down over all in other areas because damn if he hasn’t tried despite having an uphill battle with some seriously psychotic Republicans in Congress.

No, it doesn’t matter, you are still a “Firebagger” if you question any of it. They like to take pot shots at alt media journalists who do their jobs and question authority. Glenn Greenwald’s task, boys and girls, is not to compose stirring paean’s to your hero. His job, as a journalist is to question authority as often as possible to keep it in check. That is the first and most important function of our decreasingly free press.

I know there have been some sketchy motives behind critique of the President. I am not talking about the obvious bile by the Tea Party, but the more insidious and un-self aware racism on the part of many liberals. For that reason I am willing to give a certain amount of leeway in regards to irrational defense of his policies and decisions. Even so I question the motives of some of his defenders as well.

I cannot know what goes on in their heads, but I wonder how much of this attack dog mentality facing any of his detractors by white supporters is based on their need to say “OK, see? We’re defending a black President, that means racism is over, right?” It is less about calling out the racism of others than wanting to stick their heads in the sand over their own.

Support the President as much as you want, I know I will. Do not, however, mislead, misrepresent, or change the footing of the argument out of convenience (“No, NDAA explicitly prohibits Americans from being detained, read the bill! What? You did and it does not? Well, he said he wouldn’t do it anyway.”) Above all, stop going on the attack especially when it is going after allies. It reflects poorly both on him and you.


What do you think?

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