No Where to “Go”

This is not a trans-centric blog. Seriously it is not. It may just seem that way because certain news items have made it so easy to blog about that the past few weeks.  Today we get this not-the-least-bit-new bit of transphobia:

I do not know the details of the employee’s termination. Macy’s may have over reacted to something that could have been dealt with via an apology to the customer. Then again, for all we, or Mr. Floyd, know this person had a history of being rude to customers for which this was the final straw. What I do know that Mr. Floyd, like many hardcore social conservative politicians, was very ready to pick up the banner of  “abused” majority.

Bathrooms and dressing rooms have always been perilous spaces for transgender folk.  Going into the facilities for our “chosen” gender can cause a stir if we attempt to pass but are spotted. I cannot speak for my Female-to-Male brothers but we MtF trans folk risk being removed from establishments entirely or even having the police called on us. If, while trying to pass, we use the facilities for our birth gender we run the very real risk of physical violence.

Mr. Floyd, and his ilk, of course would have it no other way. In their minds we should never be trying to be ourselves to begin with. I find it sad but not the least bit surprising that  a politician can so blithely use words like “perverted” when describing us. I had hoped we were past this. There has been so much progress for us that this cruel reminder of how far there is to go stings.

There are, of course solutions. Gender neutral facilities could be built. So many department stores, multiplex theaters and large restaurants have multiple facilities to begin with that at least for those places they should be able to convert one or two. There is also the option of people  not being frightened, little bigots too, but that, alas, seems a little ways off.

Or maybe not. While writing this little piece I saw a beautiful video on a friend’s Facebook page. This young woman, in contrast to young Taylor in the video earlier this week, gives me hope: I hope the rest of our allies speak up like this woman, and tell Tennessee in general, and Mr. Floyd in particular, there is no more room for your fear mongering.


What do you think?

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