Loving the Season

We interrupt this (thus far)  heavy, political minded blog for a few messages of hope and joy. I have a confession to make, I am an unrepentant, sappy, holiday hippy. I live for Christmas music of any kind but especially (and yeah, I know this is going to seem weird coming from an avowed agnostic) the religious stuff. For my money nothing is more stirring than John Denver singing O Holy Night.
I am addicted to Christmas cookies and my Aunt Kay’s fudge. I’ve never been a candy cane fan, though I will gladly scarf them down because, well, it’s Christmas. Decorating the tree is the most fun you can ever have with a group of people especially when it is not your immediate family. Not that decorating with dad, Ben and Liz is no fun, it’s just neat to hear my friends tell the stories that go with their favorite ornaments.
This season has always represented hope to me. For a few weeks, every year, we forget our frustrations, hopefully, and remember we are all one, human family. No, I am not a believer, but there is such heart aching joy in the story of the birth of Christ, how can one not be affected by that? How can one not feel inspired by the symbolism, not just of that holiday but of all the holidays celebrated this time of year.
I suppose it makes sense. It stands to reason that those cultures founded in the northern hemisphere would be looking for renewal and hope in the darkest time of the year. Still, can’t one recognize that and still feel the love the holidays are supposed to invoke? I know I can, and hopefully I always will. Call me a sickening sweet sap if you like, I’ll still greet you with a hug, a smile and whatever greetings you prefer this time of year. May your gods, goddesses, the universe or just random chance smile on you the coming year.

Christine (aka The Hand of Ananke)


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