Depression Sinks

In the last week my lifelong struggle with depression turned ugly once again. Despondent after a cycle of depression affecting my writing affecting my depression, I was ready to take my own life. Had my brother not had the prescience to ask if I intended to hurt myself, I would have. I had every intention of asking my new housemate/landlord, a man I could not pay because I did not have money from commissions, to watch my things until someone from my family came for them, and then walk the five miles to the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, and jump in the gorge. My brother did ask though, and, sobbing, I told him yes. Continue reading

No, The Police Did Not Create White Supremacy

It has been two thousand, seven hundred, and fifty five days since the state sanctioned murder of Oscar Grant. Many of those days, and if it were one it would still be too many, have been marred by the execution of more unarmed and innocent black bodies. Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Rashida McBride, and Sandra Bland are the names that come to the top of my head, but there have been so many more. Continue reading

Another Special Trans Episode

I have to admit, save for Orange is the New Black and Sens8, I have not seen much of the portrayals of trans women outside the few Law and Order SVU episodes and Claudia Christian’s story arc in LA Law so many years ago. I have, however, read many critiques of the way we are portrayed in television, and it has generally not been pretty. We are at best the punchline, often victims, and too often made out as psychotics. So when NBC’s new medical drama Heartbeat threw its hat in the trans narrative ring I bit my lip and decided to power through it. I wanted to see how they would do. Continue reading

The Other “C” Word


This primary season has brought out both the best and worst in some folks. As has been the case since her entry to the national stage, Hillary Clinton, by no means my choice for the Democratic nomination, has been subject to sexist garbage. Almost all of it comes from the right. Republicans are fairly cruel to the women in their own ranks, and even worse to those outside. Some has also come from my fellow Bernie supporters, though that less than a mole hill has been made into a mountain by her mouth pieces. It is an issue though. As can be expected when patriarchal fools get their ire up, a certain “c word” is often casually, and disgustingly dropped. That is not what I want to talk about today though. I want to talk about the other “c word.” I want to talk about class. Continue reading