A Burden


Do not fret over the title loved ones, this is not about what you think it is. Well, maybe a little, but not like that. Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted readers, time got away from me a bit. There’s a little of that in here too. I was not sure how to label this work, poetry, prose, poetic prose, prose poetry, so I just present it to you. Enjoy.
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New Poem: I Get Along


This has been a terrible, no good day. Not that Hillary Clinton was without taint, as a mainstream Dem, not for any reason specific to her, but the most awful candidate thinkable won. It is not a surprise, when we look how bigots are pushing for bathroom bills, painting me and mine as rapists (all while supporting an alleged rapist) and offering lame excuses every time a black or brown human being is laid to waste by White Supremacy with a badge. I spent a good portion of it crying, and wondering, if the ACA is repealed, what next for my transition? I don’t have answers. I just have to get along. Continue reading

Check Out Hand of Ananke’s Patreon!


Hello Ladies, Gentleman, and Various Other Genders;

In the interest of making this blog more interesting, starting with actually posting regularly again, I have started a Patreon account for it. You will be able to find it right here. Hopefully you find it to your liking. Right now the only reward, the one dollar one, is my thanks, plus being able to get a sneak peak at what is coming up here subject wise. When I have enough worth sharing I will add a two dollar reward that involves getting first drafts and revisions for poetry going into my new books.

This is going to help me grow this blog and bring you all better content by giving me the resources I need to do things like getting through paywalls for news outlets so I can get the skinny on just what they are saying and paying for better images to use. Not to mention the little thing of really being able to make this blog my full time job.

So if you are interested, click on the above link and get your one dollar reward. Oh, and I almost forgot, as I reach certain goals, I will begin raffling off signed books. Enjoy!

Locker Rooms and Little White Lies


Donald Trump’s sexism is a matter of public record. He has made disparaging, gendered, remarks toward any woman who disagrees with him, no matter how inconsequential the argument. His tirade about Rose O’Donnell is almost a modern myth at this point and his treatment of pageant contestants too creepy and disgusting to be real, and yet it is. So when his “grab them by the pussy” comment became public, followed by his “locker room” apology, I was not the least surprised. Was I nauseated? Yes, but not shocked. Continue reading