Do Not Enter: Wrong Way


This is, I think, the theme of my life. Do not enter: wrong way. Don’t get me wrong, there are kind people around me. In some ways, it just makes it more painful. Having great people around me that I don’t feel I belong with. Most of my extended family tolerates me and nothing more. Some of them not even that. I cannot survive a regular job. It would kill me, I know it would. Not having one is going to kill me too, though. I have no good ground to stand on. Do not enter: wrong way.

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New Poem: The Camp


Right now, as in, today, April 24, my hometown is trying to push homeless people out of a community they made, more or less out of anyone’s view, because, well, who knows why. I mean, sure, it is probably to keep development investors happy. And technically they are on private,though unusable to the owners, land. Personally I think too many in our society enjoy kicking people when they are down. Especially people who don’t count as people in the eyes of too many.

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The Problem with the Roy Moore Problem


I am away far too much and this is what happens: we almost get a child molesting scum bag in the Senate. I am not calling this a win. Roy Moore almost got elected. The margin was one percent. Knowing what they knew of him, it was disgusting that so many, a majority of white people, got out and supported him. Disgusting, but not at all surprising. What was surprising, was how surprised people were. Oh, sure, they knew there was plenty of overt racism still in Alabama, but geez that whole pedophile thing. Continue reading