The Unnecessary Danger Zone


This blog has tackled state violence against its people, rape culture, deprivation at the hands of capitalism, and our society’s long, violent history, just to name a few daunting topics. These issues, especially when they hold a mirror to ourselves, are intimidating to read, much less write about. They take a lot out of the author and consumer both, yet they need discussed so many of us out there get to our keyboards and, to the best of our varied abilities to that. It is not the bravery of standing against hostile police at a rally, but it takes a gumption of sorts. So what topic could be so intimidating that one struggles for over an hour on how even to begin to discuss it? The answer, no surprise, is masturbation. Even less of a surprise, once that cat is out of the bag, so to speak, is that it is specifically female masturbation. Continue reading

Dear Oppressed Folk;


Of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and religions, I have a favor to ask of you. I ask it on my behalf, on behalf of others, and most of all, on your behalf. It is kind of a small favor, but one that seems practically Sisyphean, since so few of us make any  headway with it. When it looks like we are, it is most likely something else entirely in disguise: the diminishing of the other rather than holding them up. It is understandable, we are under siege, many of us from many directions, so doing this thing, again, this tiny thing, is both paramount and paralyzing. Continue reading

Bisexuality, Transness, and People Being Weird


Regardless of the growing concern, or maybe paranoia, over “fake news” there can be no denying that the world wide web has provided us with an abundance of information and an often impressive ability to share ideas that most would never be exposed to without it. Take for instance the proliferation of the term “biphobia.” Before the advent of social media, only the most active of queer activists would be aware of the phenomena, and not all of them knew the term. Now the entire lGb…t community is aware of both and more than a few cis-het folks as well. People are at least hearing that bisexual and pansexual, something else that is new to cis-het folks, people face different challenges from outside queer peers and within. That is a huge improvement, but I see some ideas clinging like mold on bread that should have been discarded long ago and have experienced new challenges. Continue reading

A Burden


Do not fret over the title loved ones, this is not about what you think it is. Well, maybe a little, but not like that. Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted readers, time got away from me a bit. There’s a little of that in here too. I was not sure how to label this work, poetry, prose, poetic prose, prose poetry, so I just present it to you. Enjoy.
Continue reading

New Poem: I Get Along


This has been a terrible, no good day. Not that Hillary Clinton was without taint, as a mainstream Dem, not for any reason specific to her, but the most awful candidate thinkable won. It is not a surprise, when we look how bigots are pushing for bathroom bills, painting me and mine as rapists (all while supporting an alleged rapist) and offering lame excuses every time a black or brown human being is laid to waste by White Supremacy with a badge. I spent a good portion of it crying, and wondering, if the ACA is repealed, what next for my transition? I don’t have answers. I just have to get along. Continue reading