Only For The Day


The humidity is stifling in his Brooklyn apartment, but Avi deals with it the best he can. Air conditioning has always made him uncomfortable and today, of all days, he will not open the window and turn on the fan. Today he wants to be closed off to the world. The two most important people in his world have been gone a while now and on this day he wants no one but them in his room. Cancer took his Marion five years ago, and Daniel, his only boy, was gone long before that. Today would have been Daniel’s fifty-fifth birthday. Continue reading

Cycles of Anger and Pain


I try not to write about the Israel-Palestine conflict. It is, too put it mildly, a hornet’s nest. Feelings run understandably very high when one starts talking about Israel so other than once or twice in the last three years of blogging, I have shied away from the topic. The recent spat of violence and death in Gaza, and reactions to it, ┬áhave motivated me to tackle this again. If I trip on the way, I apologize, I am just giving my two cents, and so long as you can be civil about it, please share your thoughts as well. Continue reading



Conversations blur. The hours plod on as in-depth discussions about nothing are held over warming beer in a pitcher sitting on the bar’s back deck. Four high school buddies living similar lives, in similar houses, holding similarly routine jobs get together, like they do every week. Continue reading

The Paradox of American “Democracy”

hobby lobby

I don’t get it. I mean, I get it, but I don’t get why so many do not. I read about the Hobby Lobby case and how the decision came down the way it did and I do not get why people do not understand all the reasons this is bad. I do not get how they do not get what Justice Ginsberg so eloquently stated in her dissent that this is going to open up all sorts of ugliness allowing employers to deny coverage for anything they disagree with. As a trans woman it means employers will be able to deny me coverage for my transition, something insurance companies have only just started to do, and you can bet they will do just that. That, however is not what is the most difficult to wrap my head around. Continue reading

Ride On


He is a fixture, this man in his stained tee-shirt and ripped jeans. The little town he calls home knows him and knows him well. At least they know the sight of him. They see him on his bike every day. Occasionally he makes small talk with people sitting outside the cafe. They smile and nod, and one or two of them even remember his name. Some joke that he does not. Continue reading