New Poem: In Some Name


This week a satirist was murdered in His name. The year before last an American pastor was trying to convince an African nation to murder ten percent of its population in His name. Right here in America doctors are gunned down in His name. For years people in Israel have been butchering each other in His name. If He’s out there, I hope he’s sick of all that is done in His name, and if not I don’t give one tenth of a fuck what He thinks. Continue reading

We Still Don’t Get It


I am beginning to think my oft repeated idea that people in the Untied States treat politics like a football game may be a bit off the mark. I am wondering if maybe treating it like fashion is perhaps a better comparison. We wear our political associations like accessories and those who do not “get it” are losers, or worse, that deserve whatever fate awaits them. Americans in public discourse, or even the semi public sphere of online forums, rush to show off their conservative or liberal bona fides, or even their radical credentials if that is where their politics lie, eager to show how much more with it they are than those around them. So shallow are their devotions to their ideas of a just world, however one imagines that might be accomplished, that they see no problem sharing crap like this: Continue reading

Needs Convincing


She is not grown up, no matter what she thinks. Dale knows this as he drives all the way to Ithaca and she sits in the middle row of their minivan earbuds piping that banal crap she loves so much (really, when did any sense of adventure leave the music industry?) She wants to pretend it is no big deal but he knows better. His little Sarah is going to be alone, every day, without him or Connie there to support her. Who is she going to go to when life starts throwing the inevitable at her. Continue reading



Bodies bounce off each other in the narrow hall, bruising elbows, banging knees and straining backs. Still everyone tries to put on a happy face. Sarah knows the importance of first impressions and is going to be darn sure to make on. Mom rolled her eyes on her choice of dress when she left and dad said nothing, though he squeezed the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were turning white for the first half hour of the three hour ride to Ithaca. She loves him and understands. Daddy’s little girl is growing up and he is just not ready for it. It is actually kind of sweet. Continue reading

Happy Arbitrary Marker of the Passage of Time!


Yes, I know, I should have written this yesterday, or the day before. I was busy writing 10,000 words of erotica. No I don’t care if you judge me for it, and yes it will be on sale soon for your Kindle. Besides, I feel no strong pull anymore to mark buying a new calender (well, if I bought calenders, which I don’t because I am confident the entire internet will never crash.) I suppose it is a good excuse to party, but I really don’t need that anymore. If want to party, I do. I call my friends, ask them what’s up and if we can we get together. No special occasion needed (that said: Buffalo peeps, hit me up.) Continue reading