Civics Classes? What Civics Classes?


The above question pops into my head a lot. I get the impression most folks do not know what their government does, or how it works, despite the fact that you are required to spend at least half a school year studying just that, and usually at the end of your intermediate education so it should be fresh in your head. I don’t know, maybe they should do it early, while your little, neural pathways are still developing, kind of the same reason we are encouraged to learn languages young. I suppose it is the language of self governance we are talking about. Who knows? I do know that there is one meme in particular that bugs me in this regard. It is the idea that Congress only works so many days a year. Continue reading

New Poem: The Thistle


OK, so I was in a bummer mood yesterday. Too much hate in my newsfeed can do that. I am still upset for seeing all that. For seeing the evidence that we are all still far too savage. That said I saw something yesterday that got me thinking. Something in a movie. I won’t say which one, let us just say that there was a shot of a particularly prickly flower and I got to thinking what perfect metaphor for life it was. Continue reading

Been Away A Lot


I am sorry. It is getting too hard. I want to write. I want to create my art or write essays  that motivate people to do the write thing or at least view their fellow human beings as just that. Giving a shit, though, is starting to hurt too much. I read so much hate and it reaches into my chest and squeezes, and some days I cannot stop crying. I see, or worse don’t see, people outraged about poor folks being denied water in a city in the wealthiest nation on Earth. I read people demonize an entire people and blame them for the deaths of their children because how dare they not be happy about being occupied?  I want to have hope, I want to have faith, but it is seems so impossible sometimes. Continue reading

Only For The Day


The humidity is stifling in his Brooklyn apartment, but Avi deals with it the best he can. Air conditioning has always made him uncomfortable and today, of all days, he will not open the window and turn on the fan. Today he wants to be closed off to the world. The two most important people in his world have been gone a while now and on this day he wants no one but them in his room. Cancer took his Marion five years ago, and Daniel, his only boy, was gone long before that. Today would have been Daniel’s fifty-fifth birthday. Continue reading

Cycles of Anger and Pain


I try not to write about the Israel-Palestine conflict. It is, too put it mildly, a hornet’s nest. Feelings run understandably very high when one starts talking about Israel so other than once or twice in the last three years of blogging, I have shied away from the topic. The recent spat of violence and death in Gaza, and reactions to it,  have motivated me to tackle this again. If I trip on the way, I apologize, I am just giving my two cents, and so long as you can be civil about it, please share your thoughts as well. Continue reading