For Sale: Your Government

OK, so that particular knowledge is nothing new. I have supported public financing in the past here. We need stricter campaign contribution limits. Citizens United needs to be overturned and unfortunately the only way to do that is through a Constitutional Amendment. Well unless we want to undermine our common law judicial system and deal with all the consequences that entails. It is bad enough we have a Supreme Court willing to flirt with that. Give them the opportunity and they will erase a century of progress. Continue reading

Poetry Month Celebration Day 18

I cannot be the first to make this comparison, but I try to do it in my way. In the past our “betters” have held information from us to keep us ignorant. For the last thirty or so years, however (you don’t really believe it started with Facebook, do you) they have managed this goal doing the exact opposite. They hide the truth in plain sight, force feeding us so much information we do not know where to begin. It’s OK though, because just like withholding bites them in the ass when we get sick of it, so will this. We are smarter than they think. Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Working Families Party Leadership

Dear Dan Cantor and other members of the Party Leadership;

I am happy to see the party taking a stand against the Governor and finally seriously consider not giving him our endorsement. For too long this conservative in liberal’s clothing has been able to count on the support of well intended progressives afraid of handing over the reigns of our great state’s executive branch to a Republican. He has sat back smug and content in his certainty that he would be picked as the lesser of two evils. Over and again we have watched him drag his feet on promises and in some cases utterly betray us. Our state government, already embarrassingly corrupt has become only more brazen in its disdain for working class men and women since he came to office. That is why I hope you do more than just consider withholding our endorsement, but deny it altogether. Continue reading

Book of Doors, Volume 1 (The Seed), Chapter 5, Issue 4

The tiny kitchenette in the office is not ideal. Too many ingredients to mix and no place to put them. Getting a precise boil on the hot plate is also not easy, but somehow Gary muddles through. This is not his forte, he knows. There are one or two people in the region he could call on, but the less people who know what is going on, the better. No sense putting anyone else in danger, and given then lengths Jimmy has gone to the threat is very real. Real enough that Gary has cut back on his drinking to get this right, though stopping altogether is out of the questions, better drunk than a case of the shakes while putting together a restoration potion. Continue reading

Red Hot Aether, Volume 1 (New Ground), Chapter 3, Issue 4

The young soldier sits, shoulders hunched, head down, looking up at Commander Cade from under his receding, blonde hairline. He was the last to be called in earlier, and he is the only one called in now. He pays no attention to the old doctor. No one ever does, even though he is, in theory, the supreme authority in this facility. It never occurs to him to ask the old man for help, or mercy, or to consider him much at all. Veryin is a civilian, and a meek one at that, so of course the towering, smoldering figure of the woman pacing behind her desk is what he notices. Continue reading

Zaphyr and Zox, Volume 1 (The Chase) Chapter 4, Issue 1

The pines tower on either side of the gray, stone road. High and intimidating they would blot out the midday sun if not for the fact that not the slightest branch seems to grow over the Forgotten Road. Zaphyr walks that road, taking her turn alongside instead of on the cart, staring up at the massive sentinels guarding it. The trees in the glade seemed huge to her not too long ago, but they were tiny compared to these giants. They were also sparse, nothing like the tree, next to tree, next to tree of this wood. Continue reading

Poetry Month Celebration Day 17

I don’t know why, but we all have a habit of getting into habits. We stick ourselves in a rut and are afraid to leave it. Even me, though maybe not so much as some others: vagabond heart and all that. We do it, though, we deny there is more to us than meets the eye, even while bemoaning the fact that nobody sees more of us than we show. We are weird, and that’s okay. Continue reading