The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Military Industrial Complex Auxiliary Plan


Cards on the table: I hate conspiracy theories. They detract from honest discussion of real evil being done and pass the buck on our responsibility to do anything about it. Why fight for a better world if some omnipotent commission is pulling all our strings? Truthers so intent on digging up (non-existent and perpetually refuted) proof of a controlled demolition ignore the real evils of our elected and appointed employees deliberately ignoring warnings of an attack and even if that was not the case, using the attacks to drag us into wars based on lies. People claiming the levees were destroyed to flood New Orleans detract from discussion of the very real social evil of just plain ignoring the  need to upgrade those levees. So I have little tolerance for wild speculation as entertainment. Continue reading

New Poem: Chasing Valhalla


Like almost every other person socialized as a male on this planet, I was exposed to a culture glorifying violence and skill at it as a good unto itself. This was despite the fact that my parents actively taught us otherwise, to the point that a young high school graduate joined the army with a significant secret that was, at the time, utterly forbidden in that institution. So powerful was my need to prove myself a “man” (whatever the hell that is) that I was willing to toss aside my core values to do it. Is it any wonder that generation after generation is willing to throw itself into the meat grinder for the benefit of greedy, old  men? Continue reading

Yes, I Feel Rage Too


Believe it or not (and those who know me IRL will believe it) I used to have a pretty bad problem with anger management. I know it usually does not show here. Outside the odd impatience with the willfully cruel or ignorant I advocate for a world in which honest dialogue helps us solve our problems. I try not to let my anger rule me anymore, but I also understand that some issues strike a nerve with us, so intensely, that it is difficult not to feel rage. Yes, I feel that rage too. Continue reading

Demolition, Revolution and How Not to do Either


Demolition and revolution have a bit in common. Sometimes they are necessary and often, necessary or not, we find it hard to bring ourselves to accept it. We have lived in that house, in that system, for too long and we do not want to move out. We love it despite the drafts, despite the hazards, and despite the fact that it is coming down on its own anyway, and that it has proven disastrous for those living in and around it. Once we decide to get rid of the house, or the system, we have to resist the urge to do the obvious. Continue reading

What “Liberals” say and what I hear.


What “liberal” Democrats say: We have to be pragmatic and run centrist candidates and have to push actual progressive candidates out because we don’t think they can win despite the fact that once surveyed with language that is not leading most Americans support a progressive agenda, but if our guys don’t win then worse guys will and you don’t want that.

What I hear: I am so steeped in my class, race, and gender privilege that I am willing to throw you all under the bus in the name of protecting it and then turn around and smile and call myself an “ally.”