A Clear Choice In NY State Senate District 55


Yuck. It has been a nasty election season across the board. I do not believe I have seen more ugliness in my nearly 25 years of being a registered voter, volunteer, and occasional paid employee of campaigns. The two main stream candidates for governor here in NY are waging an ugly war of the words and I wish I could say it was just that race. In particular it is sad to see a race I hoped would be civil, but should have known better given how important it is to both Democrats and Republicans, spiral into an endless barrage of negative ads, that of New York’s 55th State Senate District. Continue reading

New Poem: Expose


About this time last year I got to see Arlo Guthrie along with my little brother and sister (yes they will always be “little.”)  It is amazing how one little, happy memory can stir it up. It should be pretty obvious I have been in a funk, with at best a post or two a week. But looking back on that evening has been a spark. It reminded me, among other things, that I need to be true to myself. So I keep on writing… Continue reading

What is Appropriate


The grating, sandpaper sensations flow from Mark’s teeth through to his jaw and up into his brain. He cannot remember the last time he was so angry and if it were up to him he would fire that mouthy little bitch right now but these days his lawyer would be all over him for it. He remembers when all he needed Ian for was to go over contracts, now he actually has to listen to his advice about HR decisions because heaven forbid people understand what it means to be an employee who works for someone else. This is his store, he shouldn’t have to answer to anyone else. Continue reading

What Do You Have To Offer?

pearly gates

Atheism has a problem. Our loudest voices (I refuse to call them leaders, and many would deny that title, and a few of those even believe it when they do so) have been behaving in a disgusting fashion. From holding one theistic belief system as inherently worse than others despite plenty of evidence within and without otherwise to engaging in at best sleazy and at worst oppressive and criminal behavior, but that is not the problem. No our problem is a smug dismissal of what we know to be the reasons people cling to religion. We poke fun, attempting to paint the faithful as stupid for holding out hope for the next world when so much needs fixing right here. I think my friend, Jay Branscomb (the fellow who started the ball rolling on those hilarious Steven Speilberg-Triceratops memes) put it best. Continue reading

Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It… Oh Wait, Yes I Can


From the outset I want to be honest and note that I did not watch the “discussion” Ben Affleck had with Sam Harris and Bill Maher about Islamophobia. I’ll read a transcript sometime but when it comes to debate I would much rather read than watch, it allows a more careful examination of all the points being made. Well, that, and I really have no desire to listen to Sam Harris. Bill, with the exception of this issue, yes, but Sam, the hell with that. I will say that I am happy that someone with something of an audience finally called Bill and his fellow race baiting friends in the atheist “movement” out on their bullshit. Continue reading