So How Would You Do It?


France is a pretty cool country. It has universal health care, mandatory paid vacations, a decent, living, wage, and great culture. It’s not perfect, it struggles with race issues just like we do, and probably more because it does not enjoy our diversity. Still, I think I’d like to live there. Fortunately finding out how to get into France legally is pretty easy. I just get on Google and find the French Consulate’s website. It has all the information I need: whether or not I need a visa, how much it will cost, where to go, all the legal wrangling I may have to go through. It looks like a pain, but maybe I will do it. Like I said, France sounds like my kind of place, and I think I can relearn French. Continue reading

Short Timing It


Thirty two hours and two shifts to go, that is what Bob thinks as he runs the mop down the base boards in the department store he works. He has not had a vacation in twelve years, paid or otherwise, bouncing as he has from part-time job to part-time job. None of his bosses until now have offered paid vacation, so when he took this job over a year ago, the first thing he did was plan. It did not take a lot of effort. Continue reading

My 180 in the Governor’s Race


This is summer my friends in the WFP made a decision I did not agree with. Rather than endorse known progressive Zephyr Teachout for Governor of New York, they endorsed incumbent Andrew Cuomo. The Governor has not been a friend of progressive economic causes since, well, I do not know that he ever has, but he has been an ally at times, when the right sort of pressure is put on him. Still, I would have been happier had the gone with Teachout, or better yet, at the time at least, Howie Hawkins. To my knowledge Mr. Hawkins never sought the WFP endorsement. More on that later. Continue reading